Micro Focus and HPE: The best of both worlds

The merger of HPE and Micro Focus has created the world's seventh largest software company.

Gary de Menezes, Micro Focus

Spring day 2017 is when Micro Focus officially incorporated HPE into the fold. The company is now the seventh largest software company in the world, and the largest pure-play vendor.

This did not happen overnight, says Gary de Menezes, country general manager for Sub Sahara Africa at Micro Focus, telling the Margin the company spent the year prior to September 1 preparing for the acquisition to be launched.

Micro Focus's portfolio has been given more breadth and depth within its devOps, IT operations, cloud, security, information governance and, Linux and open source sectors. “This changes us in terms of the value we can offer our customers,” says De Menezes. “One of our key strengths is our flat structure and fast moving agility to market dynamics.”

The philosophy Micro Focus has had over the past 40 years is that after an acquisition it does not stop supplying any of the products it acquires. Rather, its R&D department takes the best elements of both the new and existing products and either cross pollinates them, or creates multiple products across multiple platforms.


Another advantage for the market is Axiz, an infrastructure and software distributor, which handled both accounts. It was Micro Focus’s only major distributor handling all its portfolios throughout Africa and at the same time was responsible for handling HPE software. According to De Menezes, this is critical for the new business because both portfolios can still be distributed throughout the continent.

“We can start offering our partners joint programmes because we do not have to wait for the organisations to rationalise contracts which can take up to a year to finalise,” he says.

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