Wake up and smell the copy


Mark Taylor, Nashua
In the past, consumers have been known to delight in printing out long articles on their company’s photocopy machine, typically in colour, instead of reading the document on their computer.


According to Mark Taylor, CEO of Nashua, this is still a widespread practice and 'people continue to abuse their company’s machines as much as they possibly can'.

Taylor says that typically, office workers have been known to come in over the weekend to print out wedding photographs, and even entire university textbooks for their children and friends, all in colour. 

Luckily for employers, Nashua is moving aggressively into managed print services, which can track how many copies are being printed on each office machine and who is making them.

This new software can also tell one just how many machines are on the network, which surprisingly, some companies lose track of.

Says Taylor: "We once had a customer who told us he had 12 copiers on his premises when in actual fact it turned out he had 36 hidden away."

Nashua is able to help customers rationalise their print fleet and find out which machines are being underutilised, sometimes resulting in savings of more than R10 000 a month.

Taylor says the margin on hardware is 'dying' as the cost per copy continues to come down.

However, 80 percent of Nashua’s business is in the leasing of machines for between three and five years -- Nashua now has roughly 100 000 machines in the field.

Once a machine has reached the five year mark, it becomes cheaper to replace it rather than service or refurbish it.

As a result, the warehouses of Nashua’s 37 major franchises have been filling up with machines.

Saving you time ...

In conclusion, Taylor says Nashua’s aim is to ‘take over your entire office’. “You decide where you want your office and we will provide everything for you with the exception of furniture. We really are committed to our slogan ‘Saving you time, saving you money, putting you first.”

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