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Long-UPS 1.2KVA / 2.4KVA Long-UPS 1.2KVA / 2.4KVA
Long-UPS 1.2KVA / 2.4KVA
Category: Power solutions
Product: UPS
Brand: Netshield
RRP: Available on request
Distributor: WestconGroup Southern Africa, Luke Bainbridge, 011 848 9216,
Date of availability: 6-10 days from order


Uses a DC to AC power inversion system with an integrated charger/rectifier through a long-life 12V deep cycle battery

Comes standard with three plug sockets

Automatic line to battery switch over

Selectable input voltage ranges

High efficiency AC to DC conversion

Rack tower design

Built-in enhanced charger – intelligent two-stage charger control for efficient charging and overcharge prevention.

Provides overload protection

Multi-function LED indications and buzzer alarm

12V 102AH deep cycle battery (3x batteries in 3000VA model)

2x power point outlets (220V 50Hz).


The unit serves as a simple to use, simple to install, plug and play, standalone backup power source during power failures.

The long life UPS is an affordable, compact device that gives you longer duration back-up than a normal UPS, i.e. 4-6 hours’ backup, depending on the load.

Netshield Inverter/Charger Netshield Inverter/Charger
Netshield Inverter/Charger
Category: Power solutions
Product: Inverter/battery charger
Brand: Netshield
RRP: Available on request
Distributor: WestconGroup Southern Africa, Luke Bainbridge,
011 848 9216,
Date of availability: 4-6 weeks from order


Inverter/charger units are available in 1kVA, 2kVA, 3kVA, 4kVA, 6kVA or 12kVA that can give instant power with a battery charging capability of up to 10 to 120Amp

Units are true sine inverters and high-power battery charger combination products designed to form the core of a reliable power feed

Can source power from a backup utility feed or a backup generator or from photo voltaic solar arrays

The unit creates a flexible power sourcing solution with a scalable battery bank acting as a power source when no power is available from any of the power sources

Some features include battery level indication, load AC output, grid and generator AC input connection, generator start relay output, a comprehensive LED display and monitored surge protection.


Ideally suited to increase reliability and reduce the risk of business interruptions due to power outages and load shedding.

The unit has three application modes: grid assisted mode/generator assisted mode/high power deep cycle line interactive UPS application mode (12ms).

Features include overload protection, over voltage protection, under voltage protection, short circuit protection, over temperature protection as well as zero spark connection and forced cooling.

The unit is available in smaller options for the SOHO and SME, as well as home users and large scale enterprise environments.

Category: Networking switches
Product: PoE industrial ethernet switch
Brand: Netshield
RRP: Available on request
Distributor: WestconGroup Southern Africa, Luke Bainbridge, 011 848 9216,
Date of availability: Available now


Industrial MDI/MIDX 8 x 10/100BaseT PoE ports and 2 x 1000BaseFX SFP managed switch

Dual power supply voltage 48V DC with 6KV lightning protection

Support for SNMP V1, V2c, V3 and provide web/Telnet/Console/SSH/CLI variety of network management

PoE provides 15.4W IEEE 802.3at and 30W IEEE802.3af optional

IEEE 802.3 compliant – supports broadcast storm suppression, jumbo frame support 9 600 byte.


Fully equipped with rugged connectors and extended temperature switches to work in harsh environments of temperature extremes, humidity, and vibration that exceed the ranges for IT equipment intended for installation in controlled environments.

Reduces electrical noise and provides electrical isolation to prevent equipment damage.

Fanless design that uses full-duplex standards and other methods so collisions don’t unacceptably influence transmission times.

M700 M700
Category: IP Telephony
Product: VoIP multi-cell base station
Brand: Snom
RRP: R3 499 ex VAT
Distributor: Duxbury Networking, Luned Lira, 011 351 9800
Date of availability: Available now


Compliant with the DECT standard

Supports Snom M5 repeaters which feature DECT encryption

Based on Snom provisioning, the system is interoperable with all major VoIP systems such as Broadsoft and Asterisk.


The Snom M700 is targeted at companies requiring wireless telephony coverage across several floors or throughout large buildings.

Can be scaled, with up to a maximum of 40 base stations working with 200 handsets forming a seamless network to allow free movement of voice and data traffic between base stations. Setup is intuitive thanks to the integrated installation mode on all Snom M65 handsets.

Connected Snom M65 handsets are able to take advantage of many intuitive features common in the mobile carrier arena, such as direct search in the corporate directory and HD audio.

Wireless security is ensured by DECT encryption, while TLS and the SRTP ensure secure SIP communications.

FX3BK/00 FX3BK/00
Category: Audio
Product: Headphones
Brand: Philips
RRP: R499
Distributor: Tarsus Technologies, 011 531 1000
Date of availability: Available now


- Acoustic system: closed
- Frequency response: 8-23 000 Hz
- Impedance: 32 ohm
- Maximum power input: 40mW
- Sensitivity: 102dB

- Cable connection: two-parallel, symmetric
- Cable length: 1.2m
- Connector: 3.5mm stereo
- Finishing of connector: 24k gold-plated

- WxHxD: 17.3 x 18.5 x 4cm
- Weight: 0.154kg


40mm neodymium drivers for rich bass and powerful sound.

Adjustable bass control.

Noise isolating around-ear cushions block external sounds.

Compact foldable design for easy portability and storage.

Easipoint Easipoint
Category: Mobile device
Product: Handheld transaction device
Brand: RubiBlue
RRP: Starts from US$400
Distributor: RubiBlue, Gary Jardim, 0861 48 48 99,
Date of availability: Available now




Thermal printer

Fingerprint reader

Fully fledged Android phone

Barcode reader



External system platform, allowing the easy deployment of business processes on the ground.

Deployable in short periods, owing to the highly adaptable web services model.

Process orders, payments, business processing, tracking, securing, cash management – EasiPoint is an adaptable solution.

My Passport Ultra My Passport Ultra
My Passport Ultra
Category: Storage
Product: Portable storage drive
Brand: WD
RRP: From R799 to R2 500
Distributor: Pinnacle Africa, 011 265 3000; Drive Control Corporation 011 201 8927; and Sahara Computers, 011 542 1000.
Date of availability: Available now


Up to 3TB capacity

Ultra-compact design with plenty of storage

Blazing-fast data transfers with USB 3.0 interface

USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 compatibility

Automatic backup software for local backups

Cloud backup through Dropbox

3-year limited warranty

WD Backup, WD Security and WD Drive Utilities software


Offers flexible backup options.

Password protection provides 256-bit hardware-based encryption.

USB 3.0 compatibility means 5 Gigabytes per second transfer speed (3X faster than USB 2.0).

Purple NV series Purple NV series
Purple NV series
Category: Storage
Product: NVR surveillance systems hard drives
Brand: WD
RRP: R2499 (4TB), R4099 (6TB)
Distributor: Pinnacle Africa, 011 265 3000; Drive Control Corporation 011 201 8927; and Sahara Computers, 011 542 1000.
Date of availability: Available now


Designed specifically for Network Video Recorder (NVR) surveillance systems (and backwards compatible with Digital Video Recorder (DVR) systems)

Support for more than 8 NVR surveillance bays with up to 64 high-definition camera count

Increased workload capabilities (Terabytes per year) with optimised power consumption

Available in up to 6TB capacities

Designed with tarnish-resistant components for premium protection in harsh environments

3-year limited warranty 3.5-inch hard drive


The increased number of video streams and workload capability offered with the WD Purple NV hard drive enables scaling beyond the limitations of DVR systems.

Designed for higher temperatures and always-on surveillance environments, WD Purple NV hard drives are suited to higher hard drive bay configurations, systems utilising up to 64 HD cameras, feature hardware vibration sensors and greater workloads per year.

Inherited from WD Purple, WD’s exclusive AllFrame technology boosts write performance for WD Purple NV hard drives by working with ATA streaming commands to reduce frame loss and improve streaming playback.

WD Purple NV hard drives are optimised to support systems utilising high-definition surveillance cameras, giving the flexibility to upgrade and expand security systems in future.

Low power consumption is crucial in high-temperature always-on surveillance environments. With exclusive IntelliSeek technology, WD Purple NV hard drives calculate the optimum seek speeds which lowers power consumption, noise and vibration that can damage and cause drives to wear out more quickly, increasing reliability.

Category: Monitoring
Product: Environmental monitoring system
Brand: Netshield
RRP: Available on request
Distributor: WestconGroup Southern Africa, Luke Bainbridge, 011 848 9216,
Date of availability: Available now


Environmental management unit 1U rack mountable unit

Twelve optically isolated inputs

Four normally open/closed contacts

RS485 expansion bus capable of handling up to nineteen external probes/sensors

GSM module for SMS/GPRS monitoring and control

10/100BaseT Ethernet module with integrated SNMP

Battery backup, real time clock used for time and date stamping, quad temperature sensors, quad flooding sensor, with SNMP trap and SMS messaging to remote manager


Enables remote management of server rooms, entire business networks or even remote renewable energy sites, from a single management console and a single device.

Remotely open and close gates – serves as an alarm system when connected to movement sensors and sirens and informs users of power outages as well as other environmental threats outages through an SMS or e-mail.

Monitors and controls the conditions inside a room alerting user if it’s too hot, too cold, too wet, or even if there are unwanted gases.

Fire detection.

Detection of power outages as well as the inclusion of built-in battery backup power.

Access control through all entry and exit points including monitoring of the opening and closing of cabinets by authorised personnel only.

Personnel record management making use of IP cameras and biometrics.

Automatic SMS notifications.

Total integration with existing systems.


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