First Distribution brings rapid provisioning of AWS services to our AWS APN Partners

SPONSORED: Johannesburg, South Africa – 10 November 2021. First Distribution is proud to announce the release of a portfolio of AWS services that our AWS APN Partners can use to deploy, manage, and monitor solutions for their small and medium business (SMB) customers.

This offering consists of a curated set of SMB solutions for our AWS APN Partners and includes a pre-architected portfolio of AWS services, that includes:

• Digital Presence, which includes Magento and WordPress.
• Data & Analytics, which includes Data Lake Foundation on AWS.
• Remote Work & Collaboration, which includes Simple Active Directory (AD) and Amazon Work- Spaces.
Additionally, products from AWS Marketplace can be created in custom portfolios, for example:
• Backup and Recovery portfolio, which can include products such as Veeam Backup for AWS Free Edition and Veritas Backup Exec™ for AWS.
• Security portfolio, which can include products such as Trend Micro Deep Security.

Small and medium businesses are typically looking for solutions to help them solve business problems. They seldom have the requisite cloud expertise in-house and are typically users of cloud services and not builders. As SMB’s start to transform their businesses with cloud technologies, our AWS APN Partners are well-positioned to assist SMB customers with services and solutions to help meet their specific business needs.

SMB customers’ increased reliance on cloud technologies means it is critical for our AWS APN Partners to have rapid access to cloud services and solutions that can be easily deployed and managed. Our portfolios of AWS services are a solution framework for our AWS APN Partners, helping them to serve SMB customers in a repeatable and scalable way.

Today, SMB customers can leverage the cloud to significantly reduce the cost of getting products and services to market, trying out new ideas or driving innovation. Scalability is also of critical benefit to SMB customers, because it is sometimes difficult to plan and budget for growth. With legacy infrastructure, some SMB customers tend to under- or over-spec, leaving them either short of infrastructure, or way over budget. This can prove disastrous for smaller entities, as it sucks up cash reserves they may not really have to spare.

Our portfolio of AWS curated, prearchitected services offered to our AWS APN Partners, ensures that IT stops being a roadblock for SMB customers and, instead, becomes an enabler, helping them to nurture and grow ideas into profitable, goto- market solutions. It comes with the necessary security guardrails in place and our AWS APN Partners can rapidly provision new solutions for their SMB customers, often within minutes.

By leveraging our curated, prearchitected set of AWS services and solutions, our AWS APN Partners can offer exactly what is needed to assist SMB customers to digitally transform their businesses.

For more information please contact us on +27 11 540 2640 or email us at aws@firstdistribution.com