Inside the VMware cloud provider programme

Hervé Basso, VMware

Want to get involved in VMware's cloud programme? Then read on.

Hervé Basso, South EMEA director of the cloud providers business at the VMware cloud business unit spoke to the The Margin about the popularity of the VMware cloud provider programme.

What is the VMware cloud provider programme?
"The VMware cloud provider programme (VCPP) enables partners to use our infrastructure solutions on a monthly subscription basis, leveraging a public and hybrid cloud model. The programme enables the customer or cloud provider to consume VMware products for cloud services on a pay-as-you-go, pay-as-you-grow basis.

"The programme is made up of VMware software-as-a-service offerings and our global ecosystem of VMware service provider partners. It is suited for partners that include infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) providers, cloud service providers (CSPs), application service providers (ASPs), internet service providers (ISPs) and platform-as-a-service (PaaS) providers.

What are the software solutions included in the VCPP programme?
"VCPP includes the full remit of VMware cloud solutions, which enable a cloud provider to build agile, robust, and flexible cloud platforms that are enterprise ready. Almost every VMware product is available through the VCPP programme such as data centre and cloud infrastructure solutions, infrastructure and operations management, network and security with NSX, end-user computing solutions.

Where is the VCPP programme available?
"The VCPP is available in the Americas, EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) and APAC territories. In fact the programme is exceptionally successful in the African region. I am currently responsible for the business in Southern Europe, Middle East and Africa, and I'm really impressed with the rapid adoption of the programme by some of the leading cloud providers in the region. Our customers range from service providers that include telecommunications operators, hosting and cloud providers, system integrators, outsourcing companies, right from small businesses through to large enterprise customers."

What are the benefits that companies can obtain from the programme?
"The programme enables cloud providers to build enterprise-ready data centres, while providing the agility and leading-edge technologies of a modern cloud. Key benefits to a customer include its pay-as-you-grow nature, where a partner can consume VMware products through a monthly subscription on a pay-as-you-grow model and are only charged for what they consume.

"It is also fantastic for hybrid cloud environments, be it on-premise or off, and it provides the customer with one seamless IT experience, while improving security and compliance, enhancing business continuity with automation, and implementing dynamic scaling to meet demand spikes."

How can a company be eligible for the VCPP programme?
"Any company, as long as they follow these four steps: enrol in the VMware partner network (VPN); declare themselves as service provider as the route-to-market; accept the terms of the service provider; and sign a rental contract with a VMware aggregator."

Basso said the programme is broken up into three subscription levels, including a professional level in which service providers invest in training and are actively using VMware products and offers additional access to VMware branding and partner listing. There's an enterprise level intended for organisations which offer hybrid cloud powered services based on VMware products and rewards partners with additional licensing and marketing benefits. The premier level is for partners who are strategically and technically aligned to VMware and commit their business resources to delivering hybrid cloud powered services. It offers premium benefits such as early access to roadmaps, co-marketing and account support.

Why would you suggest a partner consider aligning to the programme?
"The worldwide VCPP ecosystem is already powering billions of dollars of hosting and cloud services and is fast becoming an opex-based standard for those partners looking at providing services based on VMware technology. To date, the revenue generated by the service providers using the programme is growing on average 40% year-on-year. Due to the popularity and success of the programme we are also developing the VCPP team in each region."

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