VMware unveils new cloud services

VMware has announced an expanded set of products and services as part VMware Cloud. 

Delegates at VMworld in Las Vegas last week.


A major announcement from VMworld in Las Vegas last week is that VMware Cloud is now available on AWS, initially only in the US West region.

Customers can now run applications on VMWare vSphere private, public and hybrid cloud environments, optimised for AWS services.

The company also unveiled new VMware Cloud Services, providing visibility into cloud usage, costs and network traffic as well as metrics monitoring and analytics. It also delivers security across public clouds and on-premises environments.

The company says customers are accelerating digital transformation by deploying applications across clouds.

Raghu Raghuram, chief operating officer, products and cloud services, VMware, says upwards of two-thirds of enterprises are deploying applications on three or more clouds.

“VMware Cloud brings a consistent operating model, enterprise control, and investment protection for IT resources and skillsets to a multi-cloud world,” he says.

Cloud services

The company’s initial set of cloud services includes AppDefense, a datacentre endpoint security solution. This protects applications by embedding application control, threat detection and response capabilities into vSphere-based environments.

Cost Insight helps the IT organisation analyse cloud spend and understand where savings can be made.

VMware Discovery is an automated inventory service that improves cloud visibility. It brings together inventory information and cloud accounts from multiple clouds, making it easier for IT to identify workloads.

The company’s Network Insight product is a network and security analysis service, built for public clouds and software defined datacentres. This sheds light on traffic flows, aiding in cloud management planning and network troubleshooting.

NSX Cloud is a service that provides networking and security for applications in multiple private and public clouds, from a single management console and common API.

Lastly, Wavefront is a metrics monitoring and analytics platform for cloud native applications. Devops teams can use the tool to detect performance anomalies.

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