Cut from the right cloth

In the future, when someone says they are ‘slipping into something more comfortable’, it’s possible they might mean a computer. The Margin chats to Mayan Mathen about the prospect of how future technology will be so fresh, it’s just come from the dry cleaner.

Trouble at the top?

When visionaries like Bill Gates or Steve Jobs leave, negative market sentiment invariably arises, motivated by on the belief that the magic the companies once had could vanish, along with the high-profile genius.

Canals and pathways

‘Provide value, seek opportunities and focus your tech competencies’ were three key messages from NetApp’s annual EMEA partner summit.

Channel cannibalism?

Many vendors have their own direct services departments. Where does that leave their channel partners?

Selling to government

Contrary to what many may think, government business is not reserved for a select group with friends in the right places. However, public sector business can be challenging.