The PC market is likely to remain flat to steady over the next few years. (Shutterstock)

The PC is dead. Long live the PC

The PC market has been on an interesting slide from zero to hero and back to middle-aged auntie and continues to baffle its naysayers who repeatedly predict its imminent doom.

Hanli Wood, Riverbed SSA

How to avoid disAPPointment

Research has found enterprises are keen to harness applications for greater business value, however, they’re often disappointed by poor performance and results.

Avi Mistry, Intel | Photography: Mzu Nhlabati

Great things from small things

The channel could do a lot worse than look at the billions of Internet-connected devices predicted to be installed by 2020.

Dell World: New products, new strategy

Dell’s annual tech conference, held in its home state of Texas, allows the company to connect with business and IT stakeholders, such as VPs, CIOs, developers, analysts and the international press. As the only South African tech media present at the event in October, The Margin was there to report back what Dell has in store for the near future.