Nine mistakes corporates make with digital transformation

The road to digital business transformation is littered with failed attempts. Where have they gone wrong?

Shaking up fossils

Fuel industry disruptor Payment24 is causing ripples across Africa.

Points of contact

The headlines may belong to the cloud and hyperconvergence, but people still need to interact with office IT with something. What does computing look like from the perspective of end-user devices? The Margin put together a roundtable of industry insiders to find out.

Movers and shakers

Keeping you up to date with some recent industry appointments. 

Carel Du Toit, Mint

Making a Mint

Having recently won the prestigious Microsoft South Africa MD’s award for FY 2018, Mint Group has obviously been doing something right. The Margin sat down with Group CEO Carel du Toit to find out what makes the company tick.