Jon Tullett

Customer data can be a liability, not an asset

 Customer data can be disproportionally valuable in the wrong hands, writes Jon Tullett. 


Is that a box you want to move?

Channel relationships are changing, and it’s all good.

Bruce Bradford, group business unit manager: Printer Category, Rectron

Promotion without hype

Introducing to market a new class of technology, such as 3D printing, requires the careful balancing of hype with reality to ensure it doesn’t get consigned to history alongside Betamax, WAP phones or the laser disc.

Mark Reynolds, Partner lead, Southern Africa, VMware

Follow the sun

Africa’s channel is ripe for the picking but there are some things you need in place to succeed.

The recession that started in 2007, and continues to cloud our economy, has been a challenging time for the channel and vendors alike. However, IT spending is once again on the rise and customers are looking for solutions that can assist in creating better efficiencies. As a result, this has forced all partners to re-evaluate their business and focus on core offerings, ensuring that customer needs are being met and great service is delivered. Across many businesses, every element of the organisation has been subjected to review, and the relationship a reseller or partner has with a vendor has been subject to scrutiny. For partner businesses to grow, and to grow sustainably, they need to ensure the relationships they have with vendors are strong and stable. As these relationships are so valuable to both parties, they should be as transparent as possible with vendors responsible for codifying this in a clear reward-structure. Once in place, all partners know where they stand and can work more effectively with vendors to drive sales and growth for all concerned. Having a clear and transparent rewardsstructure helps create a level playing field among partners and resellers, ensuring each is treated fairly based on the amount of work they do. With global IT spending set to increase by 4.1 percent in 2014 according to Gartner (, there are considerable opportunities on the horizon for the channel. In my experience, there are a few key considerations that vendors have to pay heed to in order to establish and maintain a transparent relationship: • Listen to partners: An obvious suggestion, but a necessary one. Vendors need to spend time listening and truly understanding “For partner businesses to grow, and to grow sustainably, they need to ensure the relationships they have with vendors are strong and stable.” Trusting in transparency Noman Qadir, director of channels, Middle East and Africa, Citrix

Trusting in transparency

Vendor and partner relationships should be beneficial to both parties, and in order for that to happen, there needs to be dialogue and openness.