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Rectron remains committed to the channel, even as it seeks to develop new market opportunities and increase its range of technology partnerships.

Aki’s eye

The ‘Greek Geek’ speaks about some of the tech stories that have recently caught his attention.

Video games – an industry apart?

Like the IT space, the video games industry has changed significantly in recent times thanks to disruptive technologies. Today’s games developers have to cope with online possibilities and the impact of new smart devices that fit into a pocket. How are these shifts affecting the gaming market and the industry that caters to it?

Vox Pops: Big data versus gut instinct

There’s no doubt that ‘big data’ and analytics are playing an ever-increasing role in the modern business world. Effectively utilising and analysing an organisation’s multitude of information offers the potential to truly revolutionise business decision-making.In effect, big data offers companies the opportunity to take the guesswork out of business decisions. Of course, there will always be people and business sectors where instinct and simple gut-feel play a role. So can access to big data and proper analysis thereof ever completely supersede intuition, or can the two co-exist amicably? With this in mind, The Margin asked key players in a range of industries the following: “Do you think having access to increasing amounts of data will help you make better business decisions? Or will gut instinct always have a place in your profession?”

Big data. Big deal?

Is the hype around ‘big data’ equating to anything realistic in terms of channel opportunity? Will the world and their cat be knocking at your door to fix them up? Or is it a strategic and considered sell to a select few?