In Focus

What does it take to start a security practice?

The ins and outs of a security practice

In an industry that never stands still, standing out can be hard to do. 

Security dovetails with digital modernisation

The state of the nation’s cyber security

Is security front of mind for South African companies and state organisations?

Alkesh Sigh, Astel Systems

The reseller opportunity

Hyperscale cloud computing presents significant opportunities, but also some unexpected hurdles, for channel players.

Clouded House

South African distributors have to adapt to the cloud world. when resellers or end-clients buy directly, they have to add value into the chain. What are their models? And how are they adapting?

Zoaib Hoosen, Microsoft

Hyperscale on the horizon

The local channel is about to get disrupted as hyperscale cloud providers start to land their datacentres on local shores, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing, as long as you plan your journey and act now.