In Focus

Stephen Van Coller, EOH

Something rotten in the channel

The stench of corruption and poor ethical practice has been wafting around South Africa’s channel for a while, but with government heeding society’s call to halt state capture it looks like the smell is only going to get stronger.

The evolution of the CRM

To some, CRM is a sales tool and little else. But it’s actually a digital trailblazer that is evolving into a vital, silo-busting business tool.

Song of the salesman

What does it take to be a great salesperson?

William Harris, GMaven

In praise of the bespoke

Not all CRMs can be customised on top of a platform. In commercial property, the application must follow the data.

What does it take to start a security practice?

The ins and outs of a security practice

In an industry that never stands still, standing out can be hard to do.