In Focus

AWS reaches into Africa

Local organisations have already been hooked by AWS, and, within a short space of time, they are plugging into AWS or endorsing its technology.

There is a renewed interest in B2C sales, particularly computers, but the focus is on high-end quality sales, not volume. (Woraphong Suphutayothin).

Evolve or die: what pressure are resellers under?

Resellers and solution providers are often the smaller fish in the technology pond. With tides changing from hardware to services, are they keeping up?

2020: The same, just harder

Tighter margins and shrinking budgets are pushing the channel to reinvent itself.

A sensitive but adapting channel

Times are tough for the channel. But between the lines, it’s a tough, resilient and forward-moving industry. 

Hyperconverged: Can you feel the rush?

Before you adopt hyperconverged infrastructure, it could be useful to answer some questions: what kinds of workloads are you dealing with now, and can you see any room for greater efficiencies?