It's always harder to grow a business than you think – there are always so many unexpected challenges.

The sky’s the limit

It’s been a long journey for field sales management software company Skynamo, but it now has a healthy share of the global market.

Adrian Schofield, IITPSA

The good, the bad and the opportunities for ICT skills in SA

The new ICT Skills Survey is out: what did it find?

Brett Nash, Dartcom

Dartcom targets growth, and brings SMEs along

Dartcom has seen extraordinary growth as it builds out fibre and power solutions.

Clayton Hayward, Ukeshe

'We learn more from failing than we do from success'

With tough times driving many people to look at starting their own businesses, successful serial entrepreneur Clayton Hayward offers valuable insights, and some bad news.

What’s next for Jim Whitehurst?

Jim Whitehurst, best known as the former CEO of Red Hat, is on the job market, but it has to be a big job.