Selling IT to heavy industry: a slow grind

SA heavy industry may not be ready for 4IR, but there are other opportunities for the ICT sector.

How innovation drives change

Many businesses are leveraging modern technology to help change and improve their prospects. Yet for the channel itself, salvation lies not in the technologies, but how to get them to the market. 

BOOTH’S bulletpoint bulletin

ICT industry consultant Paul Booth keeps you abreast of the notable deals and developments in the local and international tech space. 

Cloud boom lifts server sales

Hyperscale and cloud computing are going mainstream in South Africa. What does this mean for server sales?

Six lessons in modern office design

Digital players that have made their brands globally renowned and hugely successful is largely thanks to how they’re enabling their talent to blossom. What can we learn from the offices of Facebook, Google and Instagram? What do they have in common? How can local businesses enhance our own environments to attract and maintain talent? Here are a few tips picked up from visits to their offices in London, San Francisco, Johannesburg, and New York.